5 Amazing Tips To Ace Your Opening Lines On The Online Dating Apps

Typical opening lines like, “Hey, how are ya?” Or the famous “How you doin’” have lost their charm. Today we need to be creative to get the proper attention of those we are interacting to on our mobile dating apps. An opening line should be short, smart, and a potential ice breaker, so that one may ease into the conversation without an awkward start.

Putting a thought in your opening lines is smart, it is a fun way to be original and intelligent, and funny. A relationship expert from NYC says, “Opening lines, like first impressions, are really important — especially on dating apps or online-only contact — because people are so busy and so inundated with other responses. An opening line can make it or break it when you’re looking to date.”

April Masini further says that to avoid opening with a sarcastic or snide remark, he says that it may get too easily misinterpreted and to skip the sexual innuendo.

“Even if the person is in a bathing suit, avoid any opening line that mentions their body parts. They know they’re hot, that’s why they posted the photo they did. They want to know that you think they’re hot and datable,” she says.

Furthermore, approaching someone and telling them that they are hot, is kind of stating the obvious. The only reason you are approaching them on your dating app is because you think they are hot, says another expert.

Once you find someone that you are attracted to on an online dating app, there are a number of ways you could use you opening line as. As long as you make sure to gain someone’s attention, but not something that is ridiculous or funny, but something that shows that you are truly compatible with the person you took a liking too.

Here are some Pro-Tips on how to open lines on an online dating app that are sure to make your online experience different and hopefully lucky for you too;

Give a little

“You’d be surprised how many people don’t give genuine compliments because they’re afraid of rejection,” Masini – the relationship expert says. Go for something specific and genuine that really shows that you’ve visited and really read their profile and noticed something about them that wouldn’t be obvious to everyone.

Terran Shea, a date coach, said the keywords to use with a compliment are “tasteful” and “specific.” She advises personalizing the compliment as much as it possibly can, and if you’re going to refer a celebrity or something from the pop culture, be vague. It’ll force the person to Google the reference, making sure you are on their mind too.

You could always use;

You look like someone I could take home to my mom and whisk away for a romantic weekend”;

Has anyone ever told you that you look like [fill in name of obscure actor/actress].”

Funny Bone

This might not be the best of the best ways to opening lines, but you have to give this a shot, humor is something that hits you right off straight from the beginning. A good sense of humor is among the most sought after skills.

As per Masini, she says to keep it light and casual and keep away from “slip on a banana peel” humour, inclining towards: “Aim for charm and chuckle.” While Shea recommends taking up the style of the person if they had been humorous on their profile

For instance;

What’s a smart, attractive man/woman like myself doing without your number?

I can feel you staring at my profile from here”;

I totally hear you that grammar matters; it’s sad how few people use semicolons in their Tinder messages.”

Stay Confident

Confidence is a rare trait and is found to be extremely attractive to others. It could be the key to your success when it comes down to communicating through the online mature dating apps.

“A bold opening line doesn’t just convey confidence, it also shows that you’re out there to have fun, regardless of the outcome,” said John Roche, a therapist and coach at Transformation Counselling.

Being confident gives you that essential push that attracts someone instantly, it is a trait that is admired and respected.

You could always something like;

This app says we’re 93 per cent compatible. I’d like to test that out in real life”;

I love that picture of you on the beach; I wish I were there”;

I woke up thinking today was just another boring Monday, and then I saw your photo on my app.”

Show Involvement

As per the top dating apps, you signed up to meet someone you feel you connect to as a possible relationship partner. Show that in your opening lines. Show interest in meaningful contacts and real life meeting rather than endless chats over your phone or texts. Make sure that you done miss your ultimate goal. For instance if they mentioned on profile of visiting Eiffel Tower or Paris, or maybe they too are a foodie and food is your mutual interest, make a plan to go out.

You could use several of inviting things like,

I love Paris. Did you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower?”

You’re a real foodie. If we were to go out for dinner, where would we go?”

What’s your favorite pizza topping?”


What the majority of us lack in our lives is authenticity. We are just too obsessed with other people in our lives, be it inspirational figures or role models. We all are missing on authenticity. Meeting someone via a social app is a difficult experience in terms of communication, you only get a small window to start a conversation.

Hence it is better to make sure that you make the most of it, by staying authentic, and charming. Ray a relationship expert says, “People appreciate authenticity in a first message. By revealing something you might not normally be forthcoming with, it shows that you want to build trust.”

Share, not your deepest secrets and your worst fears, but share little bits of information, and keep things interesting. Talk about how you had to turn to dating apps because of your fear to face people in real life. This shows authenticity and makes you a bit of vulnerable in a sweet and soft kind of way. Honesty would work in your favor on the social dating apps, say something like;

I’m new to this dating scene and to be honest, it kind of scares me

I don’t normally contact people on this, but I find you very intriguing

How does a person like me get a date with someone like you?