The love people hold for diamonds is not new. Diamonds have existed in society for years and exist as a woman’s best friend. While previously white diamonds were considered to be the only type of diamond, there are many other types of diamonds coming to the market including blue diamond, chocolate diamonds, yellow diamonds, orange diamonds, etc. While colorless diamonds are said to be the most expensive and rare, other types have also become very popular because of their charisma and their affordable price tag.

How Come Are Diamonds Different?

Apparently, most diamonds appear to be colorless. They possess a tinge of yellow or brown color that makes them appear differently. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the diamond certification body, grades different diamonds from D (completely colorless) to Z (heavily tinted). The difference in grades is very understated and usually, not apparent to the human eye. Only diamonds graded N onwards possess a tint that is apparent to the naked eye. Natural colored diamonds come in different shades and colors.

6 Different Types Of Diamonds That Are Being Raved About

White Diamond

The purest form of diamond, white diamonds often exist in a colorless form. This is the most expensive form of diamonds and is very rare.

Chocolate Diamond

Chocolate diamonds are basically brown diamonds but Le Vian corporation has branded their brown diamonds as chocolate diamonds. They exist in shades of deep brown and are available at a much cheaper price than other diamonds. Beautiful to look at, this type of colored diamond is intricate and adds color and style to your jewelry collection.

Yellow Diamond

Probably the most common form of colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are very famous for their shiny surface and affordable price. Yellow diamonds are found from all across the world. These diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and several color intensities.

Pink Diamond

Naturally occurring in pink color, pink diamonds are found in nature in different hues of pink. It exists as the most desirable form because it’s unique and romantic. Because of the rarity and the popularity, these diamonds are often pricier than other diamonds.

Orange Diamond

Commonly known as fire diamonds, orange diamonds are the most cherished gemstones in existence and often create hype as soon as they hit the market to be auctioned.

Blue Diamond

No two blue diamonds are completely alike. Each holds a unique shade and set of characteristics. Blue diamonds are very rare, probably the rarest of all, and possess a stunning shine that leaves everyone awe-stricken.

Intricate, Beautiful And Eye-Catching Jewelry At Your Service!

Chocolate diamond jewelry has now become the talk of the town. Many women are often choosing this diamond over other diamonds because of its uniqueness, class, and versatility. Get stunning colored diamond engagement rings, bracelets, earrings or a necklace from Le Vian corporation’s wide variety of designs. Le Vian corporation creates bespoke designs that add glitz to your style.  

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