Fitness Apps Make Staying Fit More Fun

Do you want to burn off those extra calories and stay fit and smart but always get demotivated? Well, you are not alone! As much as 57% of people, download fitness apps but abandon using it after a few months. The main reason why people stop using these fitness apps, despite the fact that they want to stay fit, is that the apps they download become monotonous and boring. As soon counting calories and doing exercise in the same pattern becomes boring, it is most likely that the user will either stop using the app completely or even uninstall it in some cases.

Let’s be honest- we all go through such days where we are zero motivated to hit the gym or even eat healthy. Sometimes the cozy bed and the binge-tv watching seems like a much better idea than exercising. But following a healthy lifestyle is a lot easier than you can think. The fitness apps that you think are all boring and monotonous, in recent times, have become extremely fun and interesting. These apps work best when one needs some extra exercise motivation.


Well contrary to popular public opinion, you can exercise and have fun as well. Previously, health and fitness apps used to direct people to exercise and that’s it! In the initial days of downloading the app, the user is motivated and performs the exercise. But when the user become used to the app, the app loses its charm.

After thorough researches and mind-mapping, new workout apps have been introduced that present interesting aspects to people to keep them engaged. Some apps have gamifications features, some lets you buy stuff online if you complete certain goals, some lets you share your progress with friends, etc. These fitness apps fulfil dual purpose: makes you fit and also, entertains you so that you don’t get bored.

Let’s have a look at 6 extremely fun fitness apps that will make working out insanely fun and help you mark your attendance 7 days a week at the gym.

  • Burn Your Fat with Me

Burn your fat with me is one of the best fitness apps and is totally different from the others available. This app works as a virtual anime dating simulator in which your core purpose is to impress your dream date with your muscles. This app allows you to choose your training partner who will be exercising alongside you, motivating you and helping you in completing various different levels.

The app motivates users using the world ‘moe’, which is a Japanese word meaning that special, heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female. The app comes with enormous amount of preloaded data such as a story mode consisting of 800 lined dialogues and 15 episodes that escalate in difficulty slowly and gradually.

  • Zombies, Run!

In this world where everything is digitally operated, running is the least preferred activity for majority of us. While some find running meditative and fun, others find it extremely dull, boring and hard. Zombies, Run is one fitness app that makes running considerable fun and exciting. This app combines audiobook storytelling along with exercise with motivational narrative that will keep you going.

Zombies, Run presents a story that is increasingly engaging and makes users look forward to their next running regime. The app also includes several zombies chasing runs which will make you run faster for a while to be able to escape the undead creature. During your running missions, you will also pick up essential supplies which can then be used during the game. This app is a genius and is motivating people to enjoy a healthy life.

  • Nexercise

Nexercise is an app that tracks all the movement of the user and reward users with points upon successful completion of the goal. It sounds pretty usual at once. The only difference is that these points are of actual worth and earned points can be exchanged for gift cards from stores like Sephora, Home Depot, CVS, etc. This app lets you turn your workout into a full-time paid job.

Nexercise even lets you compete against friends and colleagues. What’s better than a little friendly competition with friends that will even earn some credits?

  • Superhero Workout

This is another awesome fitness app by Six to Start, the same team that launched the popular app Zombies, Run! This app works in a similar pattern to the 7-minutes workout app but Superhero Workout adds a unique gamification element to make thing exciting. In this app, you are protecting Earth against unwanted invasion deploying a unique battle suit.

This app also has some other cool features that you can’t miss such as camera-activated motion tracker, helping you measure the calories you burnt. The app can also be synced to the Apple TV or Chromecast so that you can enjoy your exercise cum game on the big screen.

  • BattleSuit Runner Fitness

This is another story-based trainer app, very similar to Zombies, Run! In this app, the user is protecting the Earth by alien invaders. To activate various features of your battle suit, you will speed up or lower the speed. This app also features combat encounters where you will have to battle enemy aliens. Your success will be dependent on how much you have upgraded your battle suit. The app also has audio narrated missions to hold attention of the user and spice up the running game.

These health and fitness apps are making the exercise regime a lot more fun and interesting. Working out isn’t boring and monotonous anymore. Considerable number of people are downloading such apps that offer gamification and other interesting elements and making their lives healthier than ever before. Such apps are not only fun but also offers different levels to excite the user. So, anyone looking for kickass motivation to get back into track can download one of such apps and enjoy a healthy life.