A lot of things have changed with the passage of time. One of these things is the way men react to wedding rings. The new generation are definitely not following in their parents’ footsteps. We are seeing a definite rise in men’s wedding rings.

Not just the wedding or engagement ring, we are also seeing an increase in women proposing to men. Now, diamonds are a man’s best friend too!

Women now have a choice of buying their beau rings that give different looks like rugged, conservative, or sleek. But before you take your man ring shopping, or go yourself to surprise him, keep the following things in mind:


Although, you will find many programs out there to help you out, the safest way is to make sure that you don’t cross your budget. Putting yourself in debt to buy a ring is not a wise move, to say the least. If you still want to finance your ring, make sure that you settle on an amount that you can comfortably pay every month.


Before you do anything, you need to make sure that he is comfortable wearing a diamond ring. Some men cherish the experience, others don’t. Make sure that the ring you buy for him doesn’t sit inside his drawer for the next decade or so. If he is comfortable, what kind of ring is he comfortable with?


Before designing your ring, make sure you know what his style is. What kind of personality does he have and what kind of style does he prefer? Remember, you’re not here to buy a ring for yourself, you’re here for him. A diamond is something that can distract the best of us.

Does he like large diamond or not? Should you go extravagant or conservative? Is he a traditionalist or does he go for the latest trends? Depending on these questions you can either go for the traditional diamond or you can choose a sleek and sexy Chocolate Diamond® jewelry to match his style perfectly.


Finding the right ring size is, perhaps, the most difficult part in the entire process. You can find out the size in many ways. If this isn’t a surprise, the best way is to take him to the jewelers and have them measure his finger. If this is a surprise, then try getting a ring that he already wears, or ask his mother or one of his friends.


When looking for an engagement ring, know this that you will be looking for a wedding band soon. Get something that will match the wedding band, or select the band in advance while you’re looking for the ring. Some men don’t prefer wearing more than one ring. You can also decide that the ring will work for the engagement as well as the wedding.


To make sure that the ring is delivered on time and you can surprise him just like you planned to do, do not procrastinate when going shopping. The delivery dates and times might create hurdles in your perfectly laid out plans.

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